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London Tour

My next London Tour is approaching and I cannot express how excited I am. Full days are already planned with my submissives, some I've already played with before and some who have no idea what's in store for them..

I'm also hosting a sold out Domme Confidence workshop with my dear friend Mistress Sevvven and honestly wouldn't want to host such an event with anyone else, if I'm Mummy she is very much Daddy. The workshop will hopefully show people interested in Femdom the process of finding your own personal "Domme Style". If all goes to plan I hope to host more workshops in the future, sharing any knowledge I have has always felt extremely rewarding in the kink space.

I am now fully booked the 25th/26th/27th and the 28th is a little tight (but I can fit in the right respectful submissive) but have full availability after that until the 2nd of July. Please do apply to session with me soon to avoid disappointment!

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